Below please find a list of answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. This page also doubles as a “Terms and Conditions” document. If you you have questions about something that isn’t covered here, feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to answer any questions related to tea and our service.

FAQ Table of contents

What’s teaspotting.com and who runs it?
Where do you source your teas from?
How do you pack tea?
What payment and currency options do you offer?
How safe is your payment system?
Do you offer any discounts? What’s your pricing policy?
How do you ship and how long does it take?
Do you offer wholesale deals?
Why do you want to know my personal contact details?
Will there be any customs duties and how do I handle them?
Why is there no VAT on your teaspotting.com invoices?
Do you offer returns/refunds?
Are the photos on your website genuine?
Do you use cookies at teaspotting.com? (EU cookie law)?
Why order tea from Teaspotting by Daoli?
I’m in. Where can I order?
I want to learn more about tea and tea culture!

What’s teaspotting.com and who runs it?

Teaspotting.com is an international tea shop run by Daoli. Roman and Miha, the Daoli co-founders, created this web shop because they want to share their understanding and love of tea with the rest of the world. 道 理 (dàolĭ) stands for following the right path. Whoever has daoli is doing the right thing. We believe that by exploring the some of the best teas that China has to offer, you can experience the feeling of daoli too. A cup of tea will help you keep your friends close and your doctors far.

Meet Roman. He likes to travel around Yunnan and hang out with tea growers and sellers in search for amazing teas.

Meet Miha. He is using his business, PR, and marketing experience to take care of Daoli operations in Europe and across the internets.

Miha Jesensek

Where do you source your teas from?

Think of teaspotting.com as your gateway to Chinese tea markets. All teas ordered via our website are sourced from Kunming’s tea markets. Roman (Daoli co-founder) lives in Kunming and he will personally visit the market and purchase fresh teas to fulfill your order.

How do you pack tea?

We use resealable craft bags with inner insulation layer in order to protect the tea from the elements. If you order cakes or tea that won’t fit our standard packaging, we will pack your tea using airtight transparent plastic bags with ziplocks.

We pack our teas in resealable kraft paper bagsThis is one of our shipments to a customer from Australia

What payment and currency options do you offer?

Currently you can pay for your teaspotting.com order by credit card, PayPal, and direct money transfer.

You don’t need to have a PayPal account in order to pay with a credit card. After proceeding with checkout pages, choose “Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest”, and you will be able to make a one-time credit card purchase. If you choose the direct money transfer option, you’re solely responsible for all the bank fees that might occur during the transaction.

By default, all our prices and transactions are in Euros (€). For your convenience, we also show price equivalents in US Dollar (US$), Australian Dollar (AU$), Pound Sterling (£) and Russian Rubles (RUB). Please note that Paypal will convert Euros to your currency of choice based on their daily conversion rates, which may differ slightly from the approximate equivalents that we provide for your reference.


How safe is your payment system?

Shopping with us is safe. All credit card details are processed via PayPal, one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. Alternatively, you can choose to pay by direct bank transfer and wire money straight into our bank account.

Safe payments by PayPal

Do you offer any discounts? What’s your pricing policy?

Our prices are already at a very competitive level. On top of that, you can get an immediate discount by sharing info about your order with your friends on major social networks. Sharing buttons are available during the checkout process, and discounts are instantly applied to all of your cart’s contents.  We also run regular coupon promotions. The best way to grab those is to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Our goal is to bring reasonably priced high-quality teas to the people.

Our business model is based on the principles of honesty and fairness. We don’t deal with intermediaries of any kind. Having an office in Kunming, China, we are able to purchase the best teas directly from growers at the markets. We sort and package our teas ourselves and send them to you. The format that we are currently using allows us to operate at a sustainable level. In return for your financial commitment, we ensure that we will personally sample and select all the tea before sending it to you. Our expertise in tea-related matters allows us to separate the wheat from chaff and thus send you the best value for money.

There exists a misconception that good tea is cheap in China. The reality is that China has a great variety of teas – from very cheap to incredibly expensive. But even the cheapest teas that you find in a typical tea market are much better than the fragmented plant mix that one finds in a typical tea bag sold in most supermarkets. However, market prices fluctuate due to the season, weather, supply&demand, and other objective factors. It is in response to such factors that we sometimes have to adjust our prices. That is why a certain tea price might go down or up just a day after your purchase. Nevertheless, we guarantee the price you see at the time of your checkout on teaspotting.com is the final price you’ll pay for your order.

For tea orders of 10 kg and more, please contact us to receive our Wholesale deals.

How do you ship and how long does it take?

We ship worldwide from Kunming (Yunnan, China) with EMS (Express Mail Service) – an effective and reliable way to ship tea worldwide. Shipping rate for retail quantities is flat – 19.95 € per shipment. For tea orders of 10 kg and more, please contact us to receive our Wholesale deals. Wholesale parcels are usually shipped via Post of China or a carrier of your choice.

After you place your order and we receive the funds, we will purchase your desired teas at Kunming tea market. Then we will carefully pack your order and ship it within 3 working days. We’ll send you a confirmation email when your tea parcel is on its way. Depending on where you live, it will take up to 15 days for the EMS parcel to reach you.

EMS provides a reliable and economical mailing service, but customs can be quite unpredictable. Therefore, if your parcel doesn’t reach you within 20 days of placing your order, please give us a nudge, and we’ll look into the matter.

Please note that while EMS covers pretty much the whole world, sometimes it won’t allow us to ship to certain (smaller or remote) countries. But no worries, we’ve got you covered with shipping via China Post (no country limits).

EMSChina post

EMS (Express service 10-15 days) ships to:

  • Macao, Taiwan, Hong Kong
  • North Korea, South Korea, Japan
  • Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam
  • Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand
  • USA
  • Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Canada, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, UK
  • Pakistan, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India
  • Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Panama, Brazil, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Peru, Mexico, Ukraine, Hungary, Israel, Jordan

If your country is not on the list, we will ship via Post of China. Expected transit time for Economy service is 15-30 days. Please contact us if you have any additional questions regarding shipping.

Do you offer wholesale deals?

Yes, we do. Feel free to contact us if you would like to serve Daoli Teaspotting teas in your restaurant. If you own a trading business and want to become the official Daoli Teaspotting reseller in your country, we can offer you exclusive access to our infrastructure, experience, and products. For those who already run their own tea establishment, we can offer unique unbranded teas, tea blends, and tea ware – directly from China, no intermediaries involved.

Please consider purchasing our sampler pack for wholesalers if you want to get to know our teas before you order larger quantities.

deals for tea wholesalers

I’m about to make a purchase. Why do you want to know my personal contact details?

We do everything we can to make sure that tea parcel reaches you in good shape and as fast as possible. Please make sure that you provide us with full and accurate address data, so that we can ship your tea parcel according to Post of China’s requirements. We will also print your phone number on the parcel, so that your local post office can contact you.

We need your email address to confirm your order and get in touch with you if more information is necessary.

We promise that we will not sell or give your personal information to any third party. We might send you a nice tea-related email now and then. No spam, we absolutely hate spamming.

Will there be any customs duties and how do I handle them?

Although our business headquarters are in EU, and we are a VAT registered EU company, we also have offices in China, and this is where your teaspotting.com parcel will be shipped from.

Please note that, whether or not you will be charged import fees depends entirely on the legislation of your country of residence. Please let us know in advance (i.e. before we ship the parcel) if you need any documents for customs support. If this is your first international order, it might be a good idea to ask your friends about their experience with your country’s customs routines. As a rule, they won’t bother you with much paperwork if you order stuff for personal use and its value isn’t very high.

Here is some data regarding import duties for various regions:

  • EU countries: local import tax for tea + VAT + customs office handling fee. Sometimes small parcels for personal use will be exempt from this rule. If not, your local post office will collect customs fees upon delivery of the tea parcel.
  • Russia: no import fees for parcels worth 1.000 $ or less.
  • Australia: no import fees or paperwork for parcels worth 1.000 $ or less. Delivery takes approx. 15 days. Parcel is delivered to your house.

The information above is provided for reference purposes only and may change anytime. You are solely responsible for any customs-related charges that may occur when the tea parcel reaches your country of residence. In the unlikely event of your local customs office refusing entry of the parcel, we will refund your full order amount, but not the shipping fee.

Why is there no VAT on your teaspotting.com invoices?

As a EU VAT registered business we’re not required to charge VAT on shipments from our Chinese offices. If you’re a EU citizen ordering from our international teaspotting.com shop, you will be charged VAT by the customs when the parcel reaches your country. If you don’t want to deal with customs, please consider buying from our EU tea store. All the tea offered there is VAT billable, available for immediate shipping, and, most importantly,  requires no customs work as we cleared the goods already.

Do you offer returns/refunds?

In case your parcel arrives damaged (i.e., it was exposed to moisture and the tea got soaked) please let us know. We might ask you to provide a photographic evidence of the problem. We’ll do our best to resolve any issues and will happily ship a replacement parcel if needed. All customer claims will be evaluated by two people and a final mutual decision will be implemented on a case-by-case basis.

We only ship high-quality teas from reliable sources. Unfortunately, we can’t replace tea simply because you don’t like it. Aroma and taste are very individual experiences, so it is safe to say that it is impossible to describe aromas and tastes objectively. Please make sure that you know what you are ordering. We’ll be glad to answer any tea-related questions before you place your order. Alternatively, you can order a tasting pack before you go for bigger amounts of any particular tea.

Are the photos on your website genuine?

Yes, all the pictures of tea that you see on teaspotting.com are unique and produced in-house. We don’t use stock photography – we personally photograph the tea that we actually sell. However, please note tea might differ slightly from batch to batch and that different monitors display colors differently.

Do you use cookies at teaspotting.com page?

Yes. Web cookies are small files stored on your computer’s browser. Given today’s web technology, it would be virtually impossible to run a modern webshop without using cookies. Cookies are essential to operation of the majority of modern web applications.

New EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive) directs us to inform you about how we use cookies, and we are happy to do so. We use them to identify your session, store items in your shopping cart & recently viewed teas, maintain your preferences, and store your authentication status. Cookies are also used by third party providers whose services we use at teaspotting.com. We use Google analytics to see which teas in our collection are viewed most frequently. We also use ShareThis social bar, giving you a chance to share links to your favorite teas with your friends. Finally, we use Google Plus, Facebook Like, and Twitter Follow buttons so that you can follow us via Daoli social channels. All of these third party services use cookies that significantly enhance your teaspotting.com user experience without threatening your computer in any way. This is why we believe that you will only diminish your browsing experience by disabling them using the instructions we provide at the following links.

By using this website you agree that we can use cookie technology unless you change your browser settings. Cookie management documentation for your browser of choice is available here: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari (OSX), Safari (iOS), Android browser. Cookie or no cookie? It’s up to you.

Why order tea from Teaspotting by Daoli?

  1. We work without intermediaries and source teas directly from farmers and tea companies. Roman, the co-founder will personally select your teas, making sure that they are of optimal taste and quality.
  2. We cater to your needs! In case you don’t find your favorite tea in our shop, contact us and we’ll do our best to source it. Remember, we have offices in Yunnan, the center of Chinese tea trade.
  3. We offer competitive pricing.
  4. We’re a trusted EU VAT registered business.
  5. We ship worldwide. We will do our best to deliver your order as soon as possible.
  6. We speak and provide customer service in several languages, including English, Slovene, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian. Ping us anytime, we’ll be more than happy to chat with you.
  7. “Daoli” means doing the right thing. We live and work by this principle.

I’m in. Where can I order?

Browse our amazing teaspotting.com collection and pick the teas that take your fancy. We ship worldwide.

Alternatively, our EU Amazon tea store offers a variety of teas that we have carefully selected and purchased directly from small-scale farmers in China. These teas are in stock in our EU warehouse and – provided that you order from within the EU – can be delivered to you within several days.

I want to learn more about tea and tea culture!

Check our blog and follow us on Twitter to stay on top of the latest tea buzz!

We also maintain a tea newsletter. Now and then we select a couple of quality blog articles, news about tea-related research, discount opportunities and send them to you. You can subscribe to our newsletter righ now.