Kunming tea market

Most of our teas are sourced from Kunming tea markets where tea growers from Yunnan and other Chinese provinces gather to sell their tea.

The great thing about Kunming tea markets is that one can find absolutely any kind of tea there – from super cheap puer at several euros per kilo to exquisite Taiwan-grown tieguanyin that costs a fortune. A typical market has up to one thousand shops ranging from fancy franchises to small farmers’ outlets that are often nothing but a hole in the wall. Appearance of a shop has nothing to do with quality or even the price of tea. Some of the shabbiest places can sport a selection of very expensive aged puers. The only way not to get lost is to trust your palate rather than stories surrounding the tea in question. Fortunately, you can try as much tea as you want, and you don’t have to buy anything if it doesn’t fit your desired price/quality ratio. Roman made it a rule to check out at least one new shop every time he goes there. This is a certain way to make new friends among traders, discover new teas, and learn a thing or two about tea industry as a whole.

Photos from the tea market

A few photos of a tea market in Kunming that Roman took during his last visit. This is what you see if you take a walk around the market. Better quality, let alone unique teas, are often stored behind the counter. It could take quite a bit of time and fraternization before traders start offering their most prided items.

Reader: Roman’s posts about the tea market

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