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Daoli - odličen kitajski čajThere is a lot of buzz about tea and tea culture going on. We like to follow bloggers who write about this amazing beverage.

We also try to contribute to the spread of tea culture. Roman likes to travel around Yunnan and write about tea markets, trends in the tea biz, manufacturing process, etc. Miha often writes about brewing strategies, health benefits of tea, and how the place of tea evolves in the modern world. Now and then we select a couple of quality blog articles, news about tea-related research, discount opportunities and send them to you.

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Once or twice a month. It depends on the amount of tea we drink.

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No way. We hate spam.

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Daoli/Teaspotting newsletter is managed by Daoli co-founders Miha and Roman personally. We use MailChimp.

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